Sam & Ramunė

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Sam & Ramunė

Sam Easley and Ramune "Daisy" Sveikyte believe that life is better with dance. Their mark on this world is the number of lives they've touched simply by helping people begin dancing or helping experienced dancers to get better.

Sam and Daisy are well versed in multiple styles of dance; however, they specialize in West Coast Swing, a sexy, fun, versatile style of dance that is great for all levels. Sam Easley discovered dance on accident in 2004, when a few free dance classes at his local gym (and some persuasion by the instructor) eventually resulted in an addicted Sam dancing 6 nights a week. In 2005, Sam replaced his instructor and began teaching East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop classes of his own. Later that year, he danced in the Virginia Arts Festival and International Tatoo. Following that, Sam broadened his skill set by adding West Coast Swing in 2005. In 2007, an increasingly experienced Sam Easley started competing in World Swing Dance Counsel events with West Coast Swing and Hustle. Arising out of a desire to help more people dance, Sam also founded 2 Facebook Groups ("7 Cities Swing" and "Where's The Dancing In Hampton Roads) to connect and inform dancers all across the region and successfully expand the West Coast Swing Community. Ramune "Daisy" Sveikyte grew up dancing as a child in her home country of Lithuania. She moved to the United States in 2001, bringing her passion for dance with her, and it wasn't long before that desire led her to start training in Ballroom and Swing in 2005. In 2008, she quickly picked up on West Coast Swing and Hustle, and began teaching and competing with both the very same year.

Sam and Daisy met each other for the very first time on the dance floor in 2005. In 2008, after having known and danced with each other for three years, they not only became official partners in teaching and competing in West Coast Swing: they also became partners in life. The two have regularly instructed weekly West Coast Swing lessons at A Time To Dance Studio in Virginia Beach. They were also actively engaged in creating dance avenues for local dancers to practice in the area, hosting dance events as well as dance parties at the studio while successfully growing the West Coast Swing Community in Hampton Roads. They have regularly taught lessons at the Chester's Upper Deck Restaurant every 3rd Saturday for many years. In late 2012, Sam and Daisy were in Michael Copon Productions' 6-cover-song music video, and can be seen West Coasting to The Wanted's "I'm Glad You Came". The couple continued to instruct, inform, and connect dancers across the Hampton Roads region, and actively participated in nationally accredited West Coast Swing competitions, studying under national and world champions in the swing dance division -- including Virginia Beach native Brennar Goree.

After the birth of their first child, the new family relocated to Daisy’s home country; and, after the birth of their second child, they are returning back to the dance scene to build a strong swing community in this beautiful land of Lithuania.